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Crystal Inlay is a collection of seamless surfaces made from small particles of recycled glass, semi-precious crystals and natural stones. These specially selected materials blend with specially formulated adhesive to create stunning finishes. There are 32 variations within the standard range and the opportunity for bespoke combinations with a large spectrum of colours available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Crystal Inlay consists of 5 series: Crystal Core is glass in its purest form with beautiful, clear colours and comes in 3 different dimensions. Crystal Fusion is a bold combination of different colours of glass. Crystal Jewel is a blend of semi precious crystals, recycled glass and stone. Crystal Mineral brings out the innate brilliance of stone, enhancing its natural hues and shades with recycled glass. Finally, Jewel Core introduces a vibrant use of coloured recycled glass.

Crystal Inlay is fixed as a plaster so it can be applied to curved walls and pillars without problem.

│ CC │ CF │ CM │ CJ │
│ JC │ JM │ CS │ MM │

JM  series

The different temperature and different pressures in creation time let the semi-precious stone and mineral stone has the different refraction of light. You can see the interesting contrast in this series product.

JM I 003

JM I 003

JM W 001

JM W 001

Jewel Mineral

JM series come in various styles and background colors.

Photos below have been followed the real dimension in 1:1 publish

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