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Brand Vision

The vision of us is just a simple and pure hope, “MAKE THE WORLD BETTER AND BEAUTIFUL THROUGH OUR CRYSTAL INLAY”.

Logo Story

“Crystal Inlay” may be literally defined as the inlay of crystals. It can also be described as an inlaid arrangement of an assortment of attractive materials such as glass, gems and minerals to create a sparkling and light radiating treasure.  

Our logo adopts the horizon as the angle of perspective, gazing upward at each scintillating gemstone and mineral like a majestic peak. When sunlight shines through a Crystal Inlay, it is like a summit that beckons to be climbed, a promise that awaits fulfillment and a boundless space where your imagination can roam. Each piece of work is an expression of joyful spirit that captures the changing weather and atmosphere and creates a leisurely and carefree vista for each building and home.

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