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A simple design is a great solution.

In many cases, no matter how the space is not good, you still have to visit. It is the lavatory. Our old image with a public washroom is always humble and uncomfortable. But now what you can expect for a public lavatory? Clean ,functional ,comfortable and fashional. The washrooms receives more and more attention by designers and architects in this day and age. Different solutions are employed to meet the special needs of various groups. We also can play any design in this secert space.

Here we discard the dark color and use the bright white to decorate the public restroom. Crystal Inlay CC W 300 is a noble style. It can light up the envirnment. When we go to the space , you will feel comfortable and free. A simple design is a great solution. We don't think much and just use only CC W 300 on the whole wall. How simple it is? It is still a fahsional way, isn't it? If you prefer other different style, surely you can choose other colorful Crystal Inlay items to embellish. Various Crystal Inlay is easy for you to do any design style.  

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