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Funny Crystal Inlay Castle.

Crystal Inlay is made from a variety of nature minerals, stones, jewels, and colorful crystal glass. Different kinds of particles and different colors of particles to create many different looks. So There are many styles in Crystal Inlay world. You can always feel freely to find out any style you want. 
We use Grey MM series to pile up the castle. No gorgeousness , and only pure mineral to build up the castle.In this project, You can see Crystal Inlay is used widely on the exterior wall. If you have budget limitation, you can choose economic MM series on the exterior wall. We recommend MM series to be applied on the wall and floor. It is also a best choice to match any type of building material and have a good design. The world is changing too fast. Sometimes, we hope to back to the original. Grey mineral is the nature and simple style to outline a original building design.  


Welcome to Crystal Inlay original world.

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