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1. Installation Tools
2.Suggested Water Proportion
3.Installation Preparation

(A) Inspect and check the base surface for any oil stains, particles or dust. If so, please use a steel brush or broom to clean them off thoroughly.
(B) If application of CRYSTAL INLAY is to be applied on top of an existing finish, check the application of primer and CRYSTAL INLAY will render sufficient thickness of the finished surface. In the case of a required thickness of more than the standard thickness (see point 3.1 on COVERAGE) cement or concrete screed is recommended for achieving a deeper surface.
(C) Avoid any unwanted mess by using masking tape and protective sheeting.
(D) If the installation area is near a drain, cover and seal using protective tape in order to prevent any materials or primer from flowing into and blocking the drain.

4.Base Surface Treatment

(A) The Primer is a fine material that allows proper adhesion of CRYSTAL INLAY to the base surface.
(B) It is advised to spray with water the base surface during high temperatures.
(C) Primer is included in each drum. Add adequate water and stir it thoroughly. Then, use the brush or application trowel to allow an even application to the base surface.

Note: If the installation method is on the top of an existing finish, make sure sufficient thickness of Primer is used in order to install  CRYSTAL INLAY.

(F) Soak the sponge in water and then squeeze the water out, slowly wipe excess powder from the surface repeatedly until satisfied.

Note: The keys to installation
(1) Suitable dampness of Sponge: Ideally, use your utmost strength to squeeze as much of the water out as possible.
(2) Each of the four sides of sponge should only be used once only to clean the finished surface, then rinse out the sponge in water each time in order to keep the finished surface clear.
(3) Replace the water used to rinse out the sponge frequently

(G) After five minutes has passed, dip the sponge in water and wash the finished surface again, this time soaking the materials in water whilst keeping the installation surface as flat as possible.

Note: Remove all excessive “objects”  (such as leaves or other contaminants)  immediately during the entire installationprocess.

5.CRYSTAL INLAY Installation

(A) After the primer has been applied, wait five minutes before applying CRYSTAL INLAY.
(B) Add the recommended quantity of water to the CRYSTAL INLAY, stir thoroughly with an electrical tool or another suitable mixer, wait for at least 2 minutes and then the product is ready for use.
(C) Use the application trowel to spread the CRYSTAL INLAY mixture gradually, on the top of the primer.
(D) Use the application trowel to compress the materials completely into the base surface in avoiding any bubbles or gaps. After compressing repeatedly, apply the materials smoothly into the base surface.

Note: use a brush dipped in water to moisten on the outer joints and unions between each application of CRYSTAL INLAY for an easier installation.

(E) For interior environments: Clean excess powder off the surface 10-15 minutes after the installation. For exterior direct sunlight environments: Softly use finger tips to test the surface of the material to make sure the surface doesn’t feel sticky to touch. If this occurs, advance the washing time.

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